Polygamy Day ® is August 19

Polygamy Day is August 19

The PolygamyDay.org website is exclusively for discussing ways in which proven activists plan to celebrate each Polygamy Day ®

If you're a proven supporter, join us. Your help is valued! For accountability and security reasons, you will need your Pro-Polygamy Passport ® address to join here. Don't have one yet? You may order one at Pro-Polygamy.NET for yourself. It is your way of proving that you really do support polygamy rights.

Non-Practicing Pro-Polygamists

When presenting a story about polygamy rights, most of the media sensationalistically put practicing polygamous families on display like a circus act. Such practicing polygamists face perilous consequences for being so public. Yet, the numbers of polygamy rights supporters include numerous non-practicing pro-polygamists too. Just because such ones may not yet be "practicing polygamists," they want their rights to choose polygamy. Moreover, by not "practicing" yet, they are more free to be public - and the media should be taking notice of such Non-Practicing Pro-Polygamists.

Practicing Pro-Polygamists

Practicing polygamists are not all the same. Mormon polygamists tend to live near each other in communities. Christian and secular polygamists do not. Mormon and Muslim polygamists tend to bear their own children as one family. Christian and secular polygamous families more typically involve an abandoned single mom with children joining a family. Custody battles enable hostile ex-husbands to exploit child services to endanger such polygamous families. Because consequences are different for different polygamous forms, many practicing polygamists have less freedom than others to be public.